Wakefield and Handley: Bruised by Media

The media gets up in Wakefield's grill.

"But sir, if your study is a lie, your book is a lie."

Brian Deer exposes Wakefield's "elaborate fraud" in the journal BMJ. Of course, Wakefield's supporters still love him and now insist he never equated autism with the MMR. Funny, though, as that's how they've been using it since 1998. And of course, they trot out the 14 studies again.

 Age of Autism 

@ FALSE & False assurances from pharma/Offit/BMJ: Children will still fall. AJW NEVER said MMR= autism.:

 Age of Autism 

Here are the 14 studies used to "debunk" the autism'vaccine association. 

JB Handley backpeddles, as well, and now he's saying vaccines caused the regression, and the MMR is only two of the shots.  Monkey study. Tobacco science. Vaccinated versus non-vaccinated. Blah blah blah. And he refuses to address whether Wakefield is a fraud or not.

Same old, same old. Except that the reporters don't buy what Wakefield or Handley are selling. Nice change of pace.

The only thing I'd agree with Handley is we don't need or want sympathy.

Elyse at Skechick has a great writeup over Wakefield and the BMJ article. And Orac speaks, as well.

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kathleen said...

Wow! Now if only CNN would go and read some of the things Handley has posted on AoA....Back pedaling was fascinating..Was he trying to blame mercury? I wasn't sure as he was dancing so carefully..
I never understood his vax schedule-maybe it is just where we live-but my kids never got 6 shots at once.

Elise Ronan said...
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Elise Ronan said...

(Deleted earlier comment because of typos sorry)I can't tell you how angry this makes me. Not that I ever thought there was a link but for all the wasted time and money spent on having to refute this garbage when we as a society could have been doing real research and trying to understand what happened with our children and how to help them. I have to be honest I actually cried when I saw this tweeted.The words SOB kept coming up and up and up.

Anonymous said...

What pisses me off the most is that this asshat subjected innocent children to SPINAL TAPS, colonoscopies, and other invasive and UNNECESSARY medical procedures. And thanks to his pushing his fraudulent agenda CHILDREN HAVE DIED! For me it goes WAY beyond lying, and being paid to falsify findings. It's sick and abusive!

Oh! and "yup". ;-)

Science Mom said...

I blithely admit that I enjoyed watching J.B. Handley dodge and weave and squirm in his seat to avoid actually answering the questions. And his only response was the statistically flawed Goodman hep b study and the retracted and awful monkey studies. The second actually showing that animals exposed to TCVs actually had normal amygdala growth as opposed to unexposed.

Then there was Wakefield. I was gobsmacked that Cooper would actually be so pointed, albeit deserved. I have never seen Wakers so unhinged and drivelling. It won't change a thing with the twoo believers though, but it does marginalise them even more and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Kim Wombles said...


Yes, wasted money, wasted time, and a divided community. What a shame. Not to mention children who've gotten a vaccine-preventable disease and suffered and died because of the lies.


And yet, those parents whose kids underwent those procedures will have a huge psychological stake to hold onto their beliefs that Wakefield is a saint.

Science Mom,

His interview with Gupta was also interesting. It's a relief to finally see him on the defensive. It's too bad that nothing will open his supporters' eyes.