It has to be asked

Is AoA batshit crazy?

And exactly how is Sullivan a troll? 

So anyone who disagrees with you is a troll? 

Get a dictionary. Please.

Do these people understand no definitions at all?


Sullivan said...

Troll dolls are the "orphans" in the train in he opening sequence to Toy Story 3. They are some of the good guys. As one might imagine, I sorta like Pixar animation.

Roger Kulp said...

Of course they are,and this year has been the worst.As Jimi Hendrix once said,they are really letting their freak flag fly.

Even if I had not spent the last five years learning about every possible genetic syndrome associated with autism,I would say the shit they post at AoA,both in the blog posts and the comments, would prove there is a very strong genetic element to autism,and I say this as someone with an "atypical autism" diagnosis,who psychiatrists tried to put away in a home,or institution,twice.

Maybe they think his avatar over at LBRB is a troll...