A Sunday Epiphany: I was due one

You ever notice how epiphanies come  at the weirdest of times, you know, like at six in the morning when you are sitting on the toilet surrounded by six cats of various sizes all meowing and some of them climbing on you? And you're talking to them suggesting that if they weren't climbing their way up your body, you would totally be able to pee quicker and then they'd get fed quicker and it would be a win-win for everyone and then the dogs wander in and wonder where their cat food is?

Yeah that. But still I had an epiphany, which the critters were not impressed with when I yelled loudly, "He was totally scripting!" This epiphany was in relation to a conversation I was having with Bobby, which I don't go into detail here, because it wasn't the conversation so much as that it took me 8 hours to get what was going on. He was using bits and pieces of dialogue to explain something I didn't get at the time.

So we had a talk this morning about emotions, feelings, moods , innate temperaments and situational behavior, which was probably me scripting from prior psyc lectures, but whatevs.

Anyway, after we were both thoroughly confused and exhausted but maybe realizing we should skip these kinds of talks in the future (I'll let Lily do them), he kissed me on the cheek and took the dog for a walk without being asked,  by the dog or me.

I'm pretty sure that's because I'm such a motivational speaker.