Drama-free, or nearly so

It's been interesting, this summer, and it's flown by. Two weeks left and back to work I go. I took the summer off from teaching, but was lucky enough to watch the sweetest baby this summer, and the change she's brought has been a godsend. I've been moping a bit the last year or so over the lack of grand babies and the probability that I won't have them unless the girls change their minds some day.

Let me tell you that holding a baby and loving on her for hours several days a week is absolutely absorbing and joyous. Moping gone. She has been a wonder at keeping me busy while still leaving time to join the kids in watching movies and anime and sitting and reading manga and novels with them. The kids have delighted in the baby and have become attached to her and now initiate contact with her. They went from holding her facing away from them to facing them. The girls have become just as attached to the baby's mom, a lovely woman who accepts and enjoys them as much as I enjoy her sweet girl.

It's been good for us. It's kept me busy and home and happy.

In addition to the change that loving on a baby has brought, we've had the addition of a chiweenie we adopted from the shelter. Three days after adopting her she became very ill and was diagnosed with parvo. We were able to get her help quick enough that she survived. She is my Sweetie. 

(Sweetie and baby) 

At the end of June we accepted a four year old cat named Mia into our lives. She has some adjustment issues, having always been an only cat with a single person. She's made a lot of progress, although I'm not able to touch her yet. That's okay, though, as I'm patient and her home here isn't contingent on her being a lap cat. We'll work with her where she is.

So this has been a bit of an unexpected summer. New critters, babysitting, among other changes weren't in my mental agenda. It's worked out in ways, though, that I could not have predicted. It's also been a relatively drama free summer. Thank heavens. 

Here's hoping the last two weeks are just as drama free! 

And then there's yesterday's adventure to an orphan kitten rescue...

Yup, this happened. Say hello to Tootie the Ginger girl, Alex (Lily's), and Klingon (Rosie's). Tootie is over three months old and the only one of her litter to survive. The blonde kittens are brother and sister and are six weeks old. They are happily adjusting to their new home. Mia and Hammy are not thrilled, but Mabel and Lucy took it in stride. We will introduce the kittens to the other critters slowly. 

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