Nearly five weeks later...the fiercest of loves

Come Monday, Snapple will have been with us for five weeks--five weeks that flew by. She has integrated into the furry side of the family very well, and makes sure to love on us humans as she does with her furry brothers and sisters. Ouch. We are having to teach Snapple to not live up to her name--her little bites hurt.

Not that Val minds those sharp little teeth. 
They love to play.

As many pets as I have had over my life, 
it never fails to surprise me how deeply 
I fall for these critters,
how intensely I love them.

Watching Lily carry her puppy everywhere, 
the bond they are developing, 
is lovely. 
She has what she wanted: an animal that loved her the most.
And she adores the pup, looks out for her, feeds her, cleans up after her
without ever complaining.
Animals are so important for children.

When it's right, it's right, and you know in an instant.
Watching them as they met, it was immediate and intense.
Just like Bobby nearly three years ago with Dude.
The fiercest of loves are created with just a look.

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