Puppy Time

Sometimes, you have to do the unexpected. Monday, Lily was finally able to communicate how badly she wanted a dog of her own--how sad it made her to see Bobby and her dad with their own dogs. Cats just aren't the same, she said, and she's right.

So, we went searching and came home with this little beauty, a schnauzer mix who is 9 weeks old, and named her Snapple. She fits right in. And Lily  is head over heels in love and has been very responsible in caring for her puppy.

I admit I might be just a little jealous that I am no dog's main person. Sure, I'm Sam and Val's second person when Rick and Bobby aren't around. But to be a dog's person? It's been a long, long time since I had that honor.

Still, there are more than enough critters to get attention, so I guess I'll live with being second fiddle.


Chris D said...

You have quite the menagerie at your house. I have no idea how you keep up with everything!

K Wombles said...

:-) I'm lucky that everyone pitches in with the critters and their care.

Somedays, when all the critters decide to be in one room at one time it's a bit overwhelming, to be honest.