Sunday Morning White Noise

I've been up for awhile--no sleeping in. The first hour or so, it was me and the critters, but now it's me and Lil, side by side in the recliners with laptops properly in our laps. While I read articles I've opened from facebook links (best way to keep up with what friends are reading--a shared collective of what is interesting and passing for news), Lil does webkinz, engrossed in her game and redressing the current webkinz character she's using.

Meet the Press is on--I only occasionally watch this as no one else likes it--and I occasionally look up and listen in on the talking heads before looking back at my screen. I've got about twenty tabs opened, along with several pdf articles I've sent my American Lit students and powerpoints, too, looking for nuggets of gold to sprinkle my lectures with.  All these tabs and files open at once occasionally makes the computer hiccup and all the pages go blank and I have to refresh each of them. I would bookmark the articles, but I've learned I never come back to them and that using bookmarks, given the thousands of them I have, is a waste of time.

Rick, who worked till four in the morning, still sleeps in the bedroom, Sammy snoring softly next to him. Valley barks outside the back door. She's been in and out a half dozen times already. She can stay out for awhile. I can live with the barks. Rosie's still sleeping--she needs a couple more hours a night than Lil, who is in the middle of a sneezing fit beside me, and her sneezes alternate with Valley's barks, with Meet the Press providing the white noise.

Sometimes, like this morning, as I try to multitask, reading, writing, watching tv, listening to Lil who likes to ask me how I'm doing every five minutes, directing Bobby, who is  doing his morning chores,  the noise (both literal and figurative) is just below my threshold for pulling a Rosie, clapping my hands to my ears and trying to block it all out. (Bless her, it'd be more fair to say Rosie's pulling a mommy as I've got a few decades on her).

Rosie was thrilled with these pink hearing protection earmuffs at Christmastime
 and kindly shares them with me.
She carries them in her purse with her laser pointer (you never know), a stuffed Chewbacca, an extra headband, fingernail clippers, and chapstick. She's far better packed than me.
Classes start tomorrow. My dreams this last week have involved the classroom, dreams where the class is out of control and I struggle to get control back...it beats those dreams where I'm in my last semester of college but forgot to go to a class and now I won't graduate...but just barely.
Sometimes I wake up from my dreams worn out from all the activity and go ahead and get up for the day because it's less work. I don't know what that says, really, or what this hodgepodge post says, either. Maybe I'm practicing stream of consciousness ahead of teaching it. If I think to teach it. Or I'm working all these loose ends out so that tomorrow when I stand in front of a brand new class of students, I'll stay on task for awhile. Maybe.
I wouldn't count on it, though.

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