I was going to cite my increased posting of late as proof that I'm coming up from the dark places. And there are definitely moments and hours that's absolutely true, that I laugh and love and enjoy my time with my kids, my husband, and my critters.

And then, as I typed the title of this piece, the heaviness settled back on my shoulders as if it had never gone away and my nose started tingling and I could cry, and I can't help but feel that's so messed up. Unfair to everyone around me.

We have a wonderful family life. We enjoy being together, we have common interests and we spend most our time together. And this togetherness is evident in our home, especially our living room, where we all have our nests (Bobby's nest is in the kitchen--he prefers to sit at the counter on the stool so that he can still see what we're doing or watching, but have the physical space he needs).

My youngest brother came by the other day, and with genuineness rather than snark, asked if we'd ever thought of less stuff, more space. I've had friends ask the same.

How can we think in all this stuff? We just can. And when we need a break (the kids do their schoolwork at their couches and I do my work from my recliner when I'm at home), we look up and fix on a display and it's fun, it's silly, and we smile.

We like to mash up different shows, different themes. We like to quote dialogue and see if the others recognize it.

We like this space, this crowded, toys everywhere space. And even though I dropped to heaviness as I typed the title of this piece, stopping to look around this room, my spirits lifted and I was reminded again that fitting in silliness to our lives is essential to staving off the heaviness that sometimes threatens to swallow us.

So, in hopes you, too, will find reasons to smile, here are some of my favorite silly things.

Who couldn't laugh at turtles riding chickens and roosters?

Or Chewie on a rooster?
Or Daleks, K9, and borgs, Oh my?
Or Jar Jar in the back looking a bit like he should be in a private place?

Or minions?
Although the skeleton does look a little overwhelmed looking
into the living room...
May you find the silliness today that will lift you up and make you shake your worries off.

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