Crazy in Love with Our Critters

Yesterday morning, these best buds shared my lap while I drank my coffee.
Sammy and Hammy.
Another day it was Hammy and Valley Girl.

But Hammy also likes Mabel.

Hammy is a friendly kitten and all the critters enjoy his company.

Mabel out looking for Hammy.


Sammy and Hammy.

Valley Girl and Sammy.

Hammy wanting company.

Sammy posing.

Hard to believe how little he was last month.


Valley wanting to know why I favor the kitties.

Rick making it up to her.


Sammy sitting on Hammy and freaking him out.

Jackie and Hammy.

So spoiled.

Hammy is getting long.

Wanting to be one with the screen.
Dude even gets some company.
Lucy (who is people friendly but not critter friendly).

My Sammy and me.

Stole Rick's chair.


See, we're friendly.

Posing for attention.


Whatcha reading?

Reading with Lil.



 We might be fond of this critter.
Teacup yorkie, not.

Table time.

Danny deep in thought.

Hammy chills.



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