Yesterday morning, had I written a blog post, it would have been about the feeling of potential, how vast it was, how deep it was, how much of it was mine to keep--okay, that's stealing from Vonnegut, but that's what my brain did--a little inside joke, and I decided to run with it.  Because why the hell not.

Yesterday morning. It's surprising what a change 24 hours can make. Yesterday morning, for me, I felt good. Energetic. Capable. GOOD, mentally and physically. I felt the potential. And then I think I ran with it, and over did it, and then dealt with some issue-related stuff, and then decided to handle that issue related stuff with a lovely warm brandy that my GERD did not embrace, so last night was a night in the recliner reflecting on why brandy is probably gonna have to be a noon time drink. Oh, but it was a lovely brandy, smooth and loosening...carrying troubles away with the flames it lit.

So today, this morning...even though the energy wasn't there, the need to clean was and I remembered why I no longer use a vacuum...and I don't feel the potential right now. I feel the pain. But it's my 25th wedding anniversary and this year we're actually doing something special about it. And I was excited yesterday and hurting and tired today.

Life is complicated and it's entirely possible that by mid-afternoon the feeling of potential could return. And by mid-evening be gone again. So, I hang on to this rollercoaster ride, relieved that it will indeed go around again and again.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may you feel the potential (and when that feeling leaves, may it return again quickly.).

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