In memory

The dream I was pulled from this morning lingered all day, lingers still. It had me pulling out yearbooks and examining pictures, remembering.

On rare occasions, I am graced with a brain that chooses to insert those I've lost into my dreams for a visit, and last night, I dreamed I was visiting with one of the most important teachers and people in my life. Tomorrow marks the thirtieth anniversary of his death.

I was beyond lucky to have Mr. Roberts as a math teacher in junior high. He was more than just a teacher. He was someone you could talk to about anything. He always had time to listen, a ready smile, and an easy confidence about him that immediately left you feeling there was nothing you couldn't accomplish. He believed in his students.

He had a profound impact on me that still exerts its influence on me today. He went beyond the basics. He cared about all his students. Remembering him throughout the day, his warm smile still vivid in my mind's eye, has been a lovely gift.

To the best teacher I ever had, who made me want to be that same kind of teacher, you are still remembered and still missed.

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Attila the Mom said...

What a wonderful tribute!