Barreling Forward

Whether we like it or not, life has a way of continuing to barrel forward. We keep getting up each morning and going through our routine.

We don't have much choice. People need attending to, things need fixing and shit needs getting done.

We want answers, immediately and conclusively. We want closure, law and order episodes where it moves from crime to punishment in 40 fast minutes, where people in authority get on their soapbox and let us know what the morally correct opinion is.

Real life ain't so easy or tidy, though, and people continue to divide on Alex and Issy and the latest, where a mother killed her autistic child as well as her NT child and tried to kill herself, rather halfassedly, at that, all because, according to the news, she didn't want to give the kids back to their father.

If we empathize with Issy's mother or Alex's mother, we're monsters. If we empathize with Issy and Alex, we're not walking in the mother's shoes and understanding how hard it was for the MOTHERS. I can only imagine it was a great deal harder on Alex and Issy.

There's no one right way to look at this, no one wrong way. We have what the mothers wanted us to see, but we don't have Alex's side, and we don't have Issy's. We'll never hear Alex's side because his mother succeeded. Maybe some day Issy can tell us hers.

These weren't mercy killings or attempts at mercy killings. They weren't "favors" either.

But the world keeps turning and I fear that their stories will slip away from our attention, that we'll forget that children are suffering, that families are in crisis, and that our attention will turn to the latest person who wrote a blog post that was politically incorrect to some group or another and NOTHING will change.

The world will keep turning, barreling forward and we won't maintain our attention span long enough to make any real, long-lasting changes.

And that will be a deadly loss of attention.


kathleen said...

sadly-yup. *sigh*

Chris D said...

It's a sad state of the world. Men will kill their children to spite the ex-wife and family. Women will kill to spite. Or because they are overwhelmed or whatever the case may be.

I do not understand how people cannot reach out for help. And how people cannot receive help in turn.

It is a sad sad world that keeps barreling on, just as you said.

Anonymous said...

"we'll forget that children are suffering, that families are in crisis"

Which is why we really need to start reigning politicians in a lot, and making them do their jobs properly. They cream off too much of the money and ... well, look who ends up paying the price.