Wednesday Morning Sleepy Thoughts

I went to bed early last night, worn out. I was up at five, though, throat aching, a raw, sore mess that wouldn't let me sleep any longer. So up I got, started coffee, sucked on ice cubes while waiting for the heat of the coffee. I read my facebook feed after showering and dressing for the day, noting that Elmore Leonard had passed, and my obsessive nature kicked in and I had to wonder how many of his books I didn't have and of course now need. Thankfully, I got distracted before I could add them to my amazon cart. Not to worry, at some point today I will get to it. And thankfully, I do own much of his work.

See, me finding out I don't have ALL of the books of an author is NOT a good thing. I had to get all of JA Jance's work this spring. Then I realized I needed James Patterson's books. Dude has written a lot of stuff. Then it was Brad Thor and Steve Barry. Then I realized I was missing a few of Preston & Child's books. It's a never ending scramble. To my credit, once I get all the books, I diligently work my way through them, but it still makes for a formidable to-read pile.

This ignores all the literary books, the non-fiction books, the textbooks I feel compelled to read, as well as my need to go back and reread every book every one of my kids reads...

They need a book lovers anonymous, except it wouldn't work--it would only feed the obsession. Besides I'm not sure of 12 step programs--having gone to a couple AA meetings, I honestly walked out of there wanting to drink. And I'm not an alcoholic.

But I digress...I think that's okay given the post's title, but still...

The coffee (and pain meds) have worked to blunt most of the throat pain, although I do have some gravel in my voice....I am still sleepy but I have to go help students register at 8 this morning.

Did I mention my ears feel like exploding? sigh...it's fall semester already in full bloom before the first class day. Thank heavens for pink spiky hair and big jangly red and gold earrings to disguise the sleepiness..

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