24 Minutes

24 Minutes. Or it was when I set out to write this, but it took three minutes to get the page opened and now I'm feeling a little pressured, honestly. Okay, 21 minutes and I'm walking out that door and going to work. I don't teach till 8:30 but I've got work to do, things to create and print and copy...plans to make. These things take time and time seems to be slipping through my fingers. I've been up for over two hours...was wide awake two hours ago and could fall right to sleep in my chair now with no effort whatsoever.

19 minutes and my mind swirls over and around the lecture I'll give this morning and whether I'm right to completely upend the way I teach psychology, and I'm teaching my last of psychology, after teaching it for five years, and I'm more than fine with that--it's hard to maintain twin focuses and I've got so much work I want to do in English that letting go of teaching intro psyc is such an easy thing to do. But not yet.

No. In one hour and shit that's subtraction...ok, in a little less than two hours I'll be teaching the first day of this semester's psyc class. And I'm going in without the aids I always used because I decided I know this shit and power points can be distractions and when I first started using power points not every one did (and not everyone does), but who needs the power points, really? I always used them to keep me on track, but students would want to take notes, and they'd want me to slow down talking, and repeat, and what the hell is that? That's silly. The book's there, for goodness sake--read that. Besides the tests are take home open book. Just listen to me and laugh now and then. Offer your own jokes. Let's have fun. I don't need a power point for that. Put me in front of the class. Really. I'll do the rest.

And now it's 13 minutes and I'll walk out the door and do all the things at work to get me ready for next week, but that won't, not really. and in less than two hours I'll begin the first lecture of the last time I intend to teach intro psychology.

I'll make fun of Watson and Freud today. Tell jokes. Rib Skinner some. Giggle at some of evolutionary psychology's gems. I'll discuss science and where and why psychology so often falls short but can and could and should do so much better...

I'm the devil's advocate. Really. I will talk about psychology's power to do so much good but I will point out just how dangerous it can be in an asshole's hands or, even worse, in an incompetent's hands, one with the power to make decisions about you or your children and why knowledge is power. Knowledge may help you protect yourself and your loved ones from the dumbasses you'll encounter in fields where psychology is involved, and dude, that's everywhere.

I'll talk about how psychology, really getting to understand people and how they tick, will enable you to change the world for good or bad. I can help you make yourself the ultimate con man or the most empathetic and understanding friend, partner, parent.

Knowledge is power. And now it's 7 minutes and I must decide on shoes. Heels? Flip flops? Hot pink or bright yellow?

And now it's 6 and I need all those minutes and more....


Full Spectrum Mama said...

I have 10,040 minutes til my Ethics class but you got my heart racing, baby ;)
Good luck!

K Wombles said...

:-) Thanks. Had a blast, but there's always more work to be done...more shoes to pick and choose between. And always minutes running down to zero!