My girlies

It's fascinating to watch my girls grow and develop their own sense of style.

To watch their art change, 
to see how they influence each other.

In some instances, I can only tell
whose drawing it is by the handwriting.

Rosie's work.

 Lily's work.


Lindsay said...


My sister and I can both draw, too, and made lots of drawings when we were kids. I actually tend to be ashamed of them because they're not as good as what I can do now, so I tell my mom to throw them out whenever she finds one and we all look at it.

It is very easy to tell my old drawings and my sister's apart, even though we had similar levels of talent. Your daughters seem to make very similar choices in subject matter, too, though! My sister and I differed there.

Kim Wombles said...

Hi Lindsay.
Yes, if Rosie's handwriting improves I won't be able to tell their drawings apart!

They've always drawn in tandem, churning out picture after picture of the same thing, spending hours at it every day since they could hold a crayon or pencil. It's certainly paid off for them and is one of their favorite things to do.