Anxiety "Holes": Puppies Work

Meet Val, the dog many would say I did not need, 
that Kathleen said I was using to fill an anxiety "hole,"
which she's completely right about.
She's 20 pounds of pure, happy joy.
We got her from the pound, 
surprising everyone,
including the kids and critters. 
And yet, the surprise went over just fine.
The kids are in love with her.
Sam, our Yorkie, insists we got Val just for her.
 Val is a very busy, very curious, very happy 
10 month old puppy.
 She will get a running start and leap in my lap,
whether I'm expecting it or not.

 She is good with the critters,
loves playing with Sam, 
and looks with interest at the cats.
She's at home in all our chairs.
And in our laps. 
 Always with a big smile.
Hard to worry when 
you've got a lap of happy puppy.

1 comment:

kathleen said...

I will withhold any comments about things being short fixes in the long run..and winding up on certain television shows because of all the "filling"..hee! She is adorable..and has the best freckles..:))