Walk the Path...

No one saves us but ourselves.
No one can And no one may.
We ourselves must walk the path.
~ The Buddha ~ 

--wisdom courtesy facebook 

I read this passage over and over. 

The more I read it, the deeper it sinks into me, 

Becomes a part of me. 

It is a lesson that takes a lifetime to learn... 

We can take people along with us, 

or our belief that Jesus/God is with us, carrying us. 

But the reality is, no matter what the companionship, 

No matter how committed our loved ones are to being there, 

some journeys must be carried out alone. 

And no one can walk our path for us. 

We live in our heads. 

Our deepest feelings, our biggest fears, 

these are ours alone to feel. 

Even when we share common experiences, 

similar heartache, 

We are still alone. 

Even when what we feel is transcendent, 

We carry that feeling alone. 

Words are poor substitutes at best. 

Majesty and glory pound against our heads, 

threatening to explode, 

And yet, it remains ours alone. 

We share, 

We offer our words, 

our love, 

our support, 

our understanding. 

Layers upon layers of feeling. 

And we look up and are in awe 

at the wonders of this world. 

And we are in awe at how everything we know 

can be torn asunder in one swipe of Nature's hand.

Our world is filled with wonders.

With indescribable majesty. 

Next to the reality that not even that majesty lasts long. 

We walk our own paths.

Sometimes with trepidation. 

Sometimes with barely controlled terror. 

Sometimes in solemn contemplation. 

Sometimes with gallows humor that shocks even our senses. 

But still we walk it... 

Because we have to, to bear witness, to experience, to continue... 

In order to understand the majesty and miracle of our existence. 

Even when it is our existence that is ending... 

We may all have to walk our own path, 

But we can reach out, 

And share what can be shared, 

so that even though we remain alone, 

We can exist in the contradiction