Manifestos and Position Statements, or Things I Just Wanted to Say

My facebook friends list is diverse.

I have atheist friends, Christian friends, pagan friends, agnostic friends, and perhaps just plain old apathetic friends.

I have Republican friends, Democratic friends, Libertarian friends, Tea Party friends, and friends who aren't sure what the hell is going on.

I have skeptic friends, gullible friends, fallible friends, and friends who like to share conspiracy theories and pass along urban legends that a snopes search would have done the trick.

I have friends who are science-based on some things, yet not on other things. I have friends who aren't science-based on anything.

I have friends who are against guns. I have friends who think everyone should be packing. And I have friends who don't seem to care much either way.

I have friends who are gay, transgendered, bisexual, asexual, and straight hetero. I have friends who believe two people who love each other should be able to marry, and I have friends who believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

I have friends who love sci-fi and friends who think sci-fi is for geeks and nerds and would rather watch Bachelor and the Voice.

I have friends who share pit bull pictures and advocate for the breed, and I have friends who share cat pictures.

I have friends of every color, race, creed, religious belief, political belief, and any other type of belief.

It can be dizzying to watch my facebook feed. I like and care about all these facebook friends, and so I try to be very careful what I put up on my facebook wall, in my statuses and in what I share because I don't want to mess with someone's day in a bad way.

I know, that's weird, right? I've seen so many facebook friends defend their right to share their truths on their walls. And I agree, they should be sharing their truths. If I get offended, that's my problem, and for the most part I don't. There are words that make me cringe, and not everyone is nice all the time, but...

I don't think we have to share the same beliefs, opinions, or preferences. I think mutual respect for each other and support is a good thing, a necessary thing, so I don't feel the need to point out each and every  time I disagree with someone--I don't think people put their truths up so someone can come along and slam them. It's not really relevant if I disagree with a person's facebook status, you know? At least most of the time.

But, if you were wondering where I was on any of those things, here you go:

I believe that people should be able to be who they are. That means I support the right for gay people to be gay, trans people to be trans, and Eddie Izzard to be his wonderful self, regardless of whether that means he's in full drag, partial drag, or totally masculine. I think two individuals should be able to marry. Period.

I accept that some individuals prefer polyandrous/polygamous relationships, and while that's not my cup of tea, if it isn't hurting anyone, what's it to me what happens in someone else's bedroom as long as everyone is of a consenting age and willing?

I don't hate Obama. I don't love Obama. I don't know him, so I'm not sure why I have to feel anything in particular about him. I respect the presidency. I'm not a democrat or a republican, and I vote for individuals based on the person him or herself, not the political party affiliation.

I think our government is frakked up right now, that the presidency has over the last two decades taken on powers that the founding fathers never intended it to have and that our congress is ineffectual and seriously messed up. I'm not too sure about our Supreme Court, either. There are judges who are seriously flawed when it comes to personal integrity and I doubt their capacity to set aside their political biases to look clearly at the cases in front of them and how the constitution should be interpreted.

I think that euthanasia is a bad idea at the idea level and the personal level, although I think there are situations where the medical industry has so interfered with the natural process of dying that it is a travesty.

I believe people have a right to decide what goes into their body, and to decide when their time has come, although I think suicide because of despair is a travesty.

I wouldn't have an abortion, but I respect women's right to make medical decisions. I'm against late term abortions as I believe that a fetus that is viable with medical assistance is a baby and should be protected. But I think that, again, is between a woman and her doctor, and that the state when it gets involved in medical decisions, tends to fuck it up.

I think our education system is seriously screwed up and that we, as a nation, are failing our children and ourselves. I think teaching to a test destroys children's innate curiosity. I think that K-12 is mostly about warehousing and that the state is too deeply enmeshed in our personal lives and that our personal liberties are being taken away from us, a little bit at a time, in the hopes that we won't notice just how regulated our lives are by the various governments we live under.

I believe that faith in a higher power is not a testable hypothesis and therefore falls outside of science. But I also believe that being educated in the history of the various world religions and how they came into being and how they have changed over the centuries would go a long way in educating people out of their religions. And if that happened, maybe fewer people would be killing people in the name of their particular god. But I think believing in a higher power and nurturing one's spiritual side is a good thing.

I think racism, ableism and ageism are deeply entrenched and incredibly wrong, and will take an active willingness to always be ready to examine our beliefs, thoughts, and actions in order to remedy them.

I think that anger is too easy an emotion to turn to and that compassion takes work but is the only way to make the world a better place.

I also think that if I didn't have this rich diversity of facebook friends with all their different personalities and belief systems playing out before me each day that I would be more rigid, less accepting of other's beliefs. I think exposure to diversity inevitably leads to acceptance. We cannot hate who we come to know and relate to. And I think that was what Battlestar Galactica was trying to say all along. :)


Kleatexas said...

You are always saying some things that make people think. I love that about you! I loved being in your classes for a year and half, so much spunk! :D

K Wombles said...

Thanks, Karen :)

Anonymous said...

And it's also because of all this stuff that I don't believe the internet, or social networking technology, makes us less connected with real people.