April is Just Another Month

Did you ever find yourself just wanting a break from heavy things? I'm sure you have.

Our reasons for coming to blogs, to forums, to facebook, tumbler, twitter, and on and on are various and ever-changing. I've seen that some folks like drama and douchebaggery, and that others want friendship, and sometimes all of those combine in all possible combinations. Nothing like being an ass to bring people together either against you or with you.

And that's okay. That's fine.

April is a drama-heavy month in autism-land--our divisions become stark and the arguments over awareness, acceptance, and how autism is defined and perceived ratchet up.

Well, this is it--that was all I'm going to say about autism this month. I swear, I will adopt the cuddliest and cutest of animals--like chickens and bunnies and go get scrapbooking stuff, and take photos of that, make this into a blog about scrapbooking chickens. Or, I'll finally, since it's hot enough here that sweaters aren't needed, start dressing my skeleton in (not MY skeleton) in them and and my wigs and start a blog about skeleton models. 

As I posted last night on my facebook wall,

For the month of April I will only be sharing Dr. Who, Shatner, other sci-fi related posts, funny or sweet animal pictures, pictures of my garden and my family and bad poetry posts. If that's too controversial, please feel free to hide me or delete me.

In fact, I feel very strongly that my Zombie cat poem did not get the sheer number of "crazed squirrel" checks it deserved.

And again, Frankie, who is pictured below, would never have eaten me, I am certain. Since Aphrodite frequently tried to dine on me while we both still alive, I would lay odds she'd have been one of the first to take a bite.

  • Kim Wombles while we both WERE still (is that right? I am still kicking, but she's on top of the fridge chillin)

Other than the whole both dead thing, something I termed a Zombian slip of the tongue, I think my point is clear.

I declare this a drama free zone this month. Since I can't guarantee my real world life will be, I can make this place nothing but cuteness.

Don't make me get bunnies and scrapbooking stuff. Rick would be more than a little put out.

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farmwifetwo said...

Did my radio interview last night. Will be on the Tues rush hour news segments. Done my duty. Don't care beyond that. Have more important family crap to deal with. Was shocked to have been asked but pleased to present an appropriate message to listeners.