A Little Autism Awareness

We started the month here with our celebrate diversity tees.

And smiles and laughter.
We discussed colors...
And decided to go for a rainbow this month.

And so for two weeks, I've been yellow, orange, raspberry and red.

Which we all thought was rather fun,
to have Mommy walking around like
her hair was fire.

We wore matching tees, too,
because life is an adventure,
and because this cartoon is the
girls' current obsession.

 And then we pondered about what 
I should do the second half of
what has to be the longest freaking 
month of the year.
Suggestions were offered.
Advice given. 
Laughter rang out.

And we went with the other
half of the rainbow.
Because why the hell not?

We're almost halfway there 
to seeing this month done,
the puzzle pieces taking a back seat,
the emails asking for donations peetering out,
and the edginess we are all feeling
hopefully dissipating.

Until then, the only awareness
I need to offer
is that these three wonderful children 
of mine
are exactly who they should be,
and always striving to be more today 
than they were yesterday.
Their desire to be better people,
to grow, to learn, to share, to give
makes me honored to be 
their rainbow-haired mother.


melbo said...

Lovely pics of the family here! And you get a bonus crazed squirrel for the abrupt about-turn in the colour charts.

K Wombles said...

:) thanks. Always happy when I get a crazed squirrel!