Beware the Cats

Here we sit 
From day to day
We wait we watch
We hope we pray

Here we sit
Birds that fly
Butterflies and bees
We witness all of these

And we can hope
That one day soon
The crazy cat lady
Distracted will be...so

Our escape we plot
Our escape we plan
While we sit a beacon
To all who are free

Don't come near 
The crazy cat lady
Food she may offer
Love she may give

Freedom, though,
Tis but a thought,
A long, forgotten dream
We wait we watch

And when she collapses 
We will feast.
We will eat her
Like a savage beast.

Revenge, they say, 
Is a corpse best served fresh.
But we ain't picky,
As long as we've got flesh.


[bad poetry on good Friday
or why cocktails and zombies don't mix]


Kleatexas said...

You make me laugh! Sometimes you make me stop and think. I LOVE YOUR BLOG.


Kleatexas said...

You are such a Spunky lady! I am always learning from you! YOU are the BEST!! :D

K Wombles said...