The Day It Isn't Brave

There are things that drive me crazy about our society. I want, desperately, for our culture to catch up, to step up, to move into a more accepting, diverse community where differences are celebrated.

Jess Wilson is being lauded for her bravery in coming forward to own her own bisexuality. She should be--her concern for people's bigotry is a reasonable fear.

People should be free to be themselves. They should be loved and appreciated for who they are. Sure, yes, we have to have some rules of acceptable behavior, and we shouldn't appreciate violence or abuse, but when it comes to a person's gender identity and sexual preferences, I think minding our own business is important.

Not so long ago, homosexuality was in the DSM. Transsexualism or gender identity disorder remain in the current DSM and will not be removed in the fifth version; it will be renamed gender dysphoria. It's time for our culture to get over the idea that there are specific gender roles and ways of being based on differing genitalia.

Eddie Izzard, ever funny no matter what he's wearing, has done much to bring transsexualism into the mainstream. And he makes fabulous points. It's beyond ridiculous to say that people with vaginas get to look pretty and people with penises can't wear makeup.

Wait, people who go on tv wear makeup. It seems like much ado over nothing.

People should love who they love, be who they are, and not suffer discrimination over either. And that shouldn't be brave to say.

We've got some work to do, people. Let's hope we can do it with a style that is as stunning as Eddie's and as open as Jess Wilson's.


kathleen said...

I just adore Eddie Izzard!!

Angel Sumka said...

Ah Kim...I love that way you have of bringing topics to the table. Humor, intellect and thought provoking.
I am with you on this, it would be lovely if there was a cultural shift in which people could quit being afraid of anything 'different'.
hugs and laugther