Order is in Order

You know, I've become increasingly grateful over time that we don't have satellite or cable tv--no 24 hour news channels, and with how both Bobby and Rosie react to the news, we don't even watch the local channels over the antenna anymore. Even Lily necessitates having the morning news off--she doesn't freak out over bad news; she's just stuck, unable to move away from it, a deer caught in the headlights.

So I miss a lot of the news on tv and no amount of reading yahoo or google news or the local newspaper online can make up for missing the kind of spin that watching CNN or Fox can put on what's going on in the world. And I have to figure this is, in general, a very good thing. Since my reading of news is generally with kids hanging over me demanding something, I don't tend to get too saturated in that, either. I get the headlines, use Science 2.0 to keep up with science news, the autism blogs directory to get a feel for what people in the autism world online are focused on, and use facebook to keep up with my friends and my local news. It's not a bad system for keeping a finger on the pulse of all things controversial without having to be overly inundated by it. It also helps that not having talking heads talking keeps the house a wee bit quieter. Just a wee bit.

In recent weeks, we've made changes to the house and that have helped to restore some order to our house and to bring a bit more quiet to the front. Well, to the front room, at least. We converted an extra bedroom into a media room for the kids, and today we moved half our living room furniture in there--seriously, they got the new furniture. It looks lovely, and I'm jealous. What a fun room, and how awesome it will be when we can give them a bigger tv. But what that means in practical terms is that there is quiet in the main part of the house.

Quiet. Blessed, sweet, sweet quiet. Until one of them comes running out, screeching because the other one set her off. Or before all three of them converge on the kitchen arguing heatedly about something regarding anime and manga. Like how anime is spelled or how manga is pronounced. Have I mentioned we're pedantic out the wazoo here?

I'm not sure what I'd do with a lot of quiet. I think I'd go stir crazy. I like my kids, their busy, loud, wonderful conversations and arguments with each other. I do. I really do. They are incredible people with vibrant personalities and quirks that are endearing. I'm grateful for who they are and the fun and excitement that they bring to my life, and even when my head is about to explode as I drive them to their school or volunteering in the morning, I love hearing them weave in and out of each other, sharing the same keen minds buzzing with curiosity and their sharp, opinionated voices trying to out reason the others. I even adore, although not repeatedly, Rosie's increased ability to advocate for herself, her cries of "too loud" ringing out any time, and boy do I mean any time, the stereo hits 5 on the volume (and 5 is freaking LOW). Personally, I think she's got a thing against Adele and Roy Orbison because she is at least a 10 when she's yelling "too loud."

Change, although it's often resisted, can be a good thing. It shakes things up, takes us out of our comfort zone and refreshes us, bringing out creativity and reordering. This is all good, even when it's "too loud" or when we find ourselves dealing with unexpected moments of quiet, especially after moments of complete disorder and chaos.

 sorting chaos
 and putting it to rights.

 happy sisters
 fixing the living room
 grateful for a husband who does the heavy lifting

 Danny doesn't know what to think of the space.

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