System Overload?

I don't know about you, but by this point in the school year (mine and the kids), I am on system overload. It's natural and normal--finals are next week, so I've got a lot of work ahead getting all the papers graded, the grades figured, and grades turned in. I've also got to set up the minimester class that will start in a week. No pressure, right?

I'll have a partial week "off" before the girlies are done--I mean, really, two half days don't really count, do they, as being at school? What is with the early release? No work is being done. I'd rather the girls just be home instead of the sham that they've had two school days. Oh, I get it--the school has to hit the magic number of days, funding is tied to attendance, blah blah, but come on--that's two days that many families have to scramble for child care coverage and they just did that in November with those early release days.

Still, I long for the girls' two short but all too long weeks off--days where I don't have to get dressed, go out, can do my work from my recliner. Where I can listen to them chatter about My Little Ponies and Dragonball and Fruits Basket. Where I can hear Rosie tell me a million times a day that Christmas is this month and exactly how many days are left till the holiday. Oh, and of course, where Kathleen and I will be trying to figure out how to film more episodes of our blog ladies show--expect plenty of drop ins from the kids and creatures.

Naps. I'm looking forward to naps, too. And to catching up on all the novels I've had to let pile up-Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, and more. And movies...stupid movies! All my favorite ones like Dude, Where's My Car? After a semester of heavy, weighty topics in my English classes and my life, I'm ready for fluff and laughs.

I'm looking forward to the break, even though it's not entirely a break, to the chance to recharge my batteries, restore my energy to tackle projects. And, believe it or not, despite system overload, I'm already looking forward to the spring semester and starting all over again!

May your holiday "break" be restorative and silly, too!

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kathleen said...

I am so looking forward to having you to myself!! Even if it is spent trying to make our cameras sync up! We will at least laugh..:)