Out of the Mouth of Babes...

The girls are participating in helping collect data on fitness for a grant their school received. This means every few months they wear a pedometer for a week and we have to record their steps each day. Keeping up with their pedometers isn't always easy or fun, so Thursday night, I told Rick he didn't have to do anything he didn't want to (Lil was supposed to wear the pedometer through Sunday while Rosie was done Thursday) and he could send it back with Rosie's.

This morning, Rick said something, and I reminded him that unless he wanted the girls sharing that at the school, he needed to take care of what he said in front of them since they had a tendency to overshare. Lily immediately piped up that she had shared what I said about the pedometer because her teacher wanted to know why it was coming back early.

So, of course, I was left with composing an email to the teacher to explain (?) her response:

Lily just shared with us that she explained why she was giving the pedometer back. Oh my--I hope you got a chuckle out of it--Rick's been responsible for keeping track of the pedometers and was getting frustrated with making sure they didn't get lost.
Perhaps not the best lesson for Lily to take away: "we don't have to do things we don't want to." I'll be working on clarifying that statement to her so she doesn't try to apply it to other areas. If she tries, she loves Big Bang and Howard having Penny tell Sheldon "It's a non-optional social convention." We simply use that with her and it gets compliance.

I recognize that I didn't apologize, but well, it's the truth: some things we just don't have to do if we don't want to. And that's also a good lesson to learn and one I'll be working on with the girls, too.

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That is a good lesson.