Bittersweet, Nonetheless

We are lucky, I think, when we build cocoons around us that insulate us from the harsh realities of the wider world. Finding the niches where we and our children can thrive and blossom is a priority that never fades away, never lessens. We often find ourselves fighting family, friends, and the wider community to find those niches, to create them, to protect them at all costs.

What a wonder, a relief, and a joy to see when those niches are created, where your children are loved and appreciated just as they are, to see the care and concern and genuine affection that teachers and staff show them.

I don't do field trips--I did so many unpleasant ones with Bobby (not because of him, though)--Rick gets to enjoy the field trips the girls go on, but last week had me at Rosie's to Safety City. At first she really didn't want to go because of the tennis shoe requirement, and she made sure to keep expressing her disdain for tennis shoes throughout the trip, although, in balance, she had a blast. Well, except for the electric car thing. That didn't go so well. We had a few meltdowns, but once she was reassured that a happy meal and my little ponies would be forthcoming, she was right as rain.

excited to be there, and to see her dad and me waiting
 depths,  such secretive depths
not sure about what to do 
 fussing with the tennis shoes
lunch, before the smushed pb&j was discovered
(but meltdown was averted by promise of happy meal)

It was a wonderful experience, to see how loved, accepted, and appreciated Rosie is by her teachers and staff, how the students care about her, but it was also bittersweet, too. It was a good bittersweet, though, if that makes sense.

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