Nine Years in the Blink of an Eye

Rosie was the only half-planned pregnancy. We were going to start trying back in January of 2003, but I figured the first time we "tried" was safe--that I wasn't ovulating. Less than a week later, I knew I was pregnant--I know that's weird to know within a week- but I did with all three of my pregnancies--the morning sickness was almost instantaneous. We had her name planned years before she was born, naming her after her grandmother and great grandmother, Elizabeth, their middle names, and Rose--she was Rosie from the get-go. 

Oh how she's grown over the nine years. She is funny and sly, honest and sweet. She is sensitive to sound and melts down everyday, overwhelmed by the demands the world makes on her--she keeps it together at school and lets it all out at home. We call her Shrieky at times, because when she gets upset she shrieks, which leads me to clapping my hands over my ears, just as she does. She got that from me--not the shrieking, but the sensitivity to noise.

She won't answer questions she doesn't want to or doesn't understand. She won't ask for help, either, or explain what her confusion is.

She is an artist and draws beautiful pictures, looking on her iphone at the image and diligently reproducing it.

Lining up her counting bears remains a favorite, calming activity.

She loves her sister, often snuggling into her, trying to be one.

The last nine years have passed by in the blink of an eye. I could have never imagined them, the adventures, the challenges, the wonders we would experience in being Rosie's parents. She amazes me and makes my heart overflow (yes, Lily, so do you and Bobby, too).  Rick and I are delighted each day with her heart, her humor, her honesty. We are impressed by her willingness to try new things, to work harder, and her continuing dislike of showers. She has not made parenting an easy task, but the effort we put in to being her parents, her advocates, her supporters is worth it. She makes us better people and happier people, too.

Happy birthday, Rosie.


Attila the Mom said...

Happy Birthday, dear girl! Loved your tribute--it was really fantastic!

melbo said...

Just lovely! I hope she has a wonderful birthday - how quickly the time does pass for us though. Nine years ago does feel like yesterday doesn't it?

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it to you, but Rose was my girl name. Had it picked out for years. I love to see it bestowed on one so sweet.

K Wombles said...

Thanks, Attila and Mel.

You hadn't, Mel, thanks. She is a sweetie. It does feel like yesterday--I hope the next nine years don't go quite so fast.

Anonymous said...

I sort of want her. :)

farmwifetwo said...

In another week I'll have made 13.

Unfortunately, it has me wishing the next 5 would go by in a blink lately.


Hope Rosie had a great birthday.

K Wombles said...

Thanks, Chavisory. :)

Fw2, she seemed happy with the day. She had a hard time picking out a cake--ended up getting a chocolate cake and snickers cake (small ones for $3.99). We get to do it all over again on Saturday--Lil turns 11.

It's the first year with no presents to unwrap--they both got the pink and animal print bedding for their beds. Since that was what they wanted, there was no fuss.