The Cat Days of Summer

I don't have dogs...and Rick says I can't have them, so that explains the title variation. :) My summer is over as of today--tomorrow I go back to work (I know, I worked all summer, too) for the fall semester. I'm both ready and not...I want more chances at sleeping in and the opportunity to read some novels (I read one--ONE novel this summer, or did I read three? I don't know--it's kind of hard to keep the seasons separate...I did catch up with the Eve Duncan series, but that was months ago...damn, time flies! Ah well.

The girls have spent a lot of their time as you see them below, close to each other, working on various computer games together and occasionally looking up to watch Danny Phantom, Phineas and Ferb and My Little Pony. I've tried to avoid the My Little Pony shows, although it is fun to mess with the girls and point out that the cutie marks are indeed tramp stamps, or that the entire premise of Danny Phantom as "half ghost" is beyond absurd. Phineas and Ferb are just fun, although Candice is grating. 

The girls grew this summer (at least Lil's feet didn't, though, as she's in 8.5s and really doesn't need her feet to grow anymore). It's amazing how she towers over her sister, who is only 2 years younger.
Hard to believe Lily's 10 years old--she looks much older! And she's started to get crushes on boys...teenage boys. Oh my. She giggles and blushes and we've been having very frank discussions. Watching Glee (which we started this week) is actually a great teaching tool. Sure, I have to put up with Bobby's moral outrage at the bullying that occurs, and that leads to discussions about bullying in real life and whether high school is really like that in the real world, but it's worth the pauses and discussions.
Lily is working on getting taller than the boy, as well. They've continued to grow close, sharing interests in anime and video games.

When they're not playing the computer, the wii, their nintendos, or iphones, they've made good use of the ipad that I almost never get to lay my hands on (never mind it's mine for work and costs three times what the laptop did).

Both cats and kids vie for the couch, but have worked out ways of sharing the same territory.

And Bob and Dude continue in their close relationship. Bob is the Dude's person and the rest of us might as well not exist most of the time.

The minute the girls desert the couch, Jack takes over residence. And when Jack leaves, Dude usually takes it over...who'd have thought that couch would be the hot spot?

Summer's all but done, even if the heat shows no sign of leaving. The girls go back to school on the 27th; in the meantime, they'll hang out with Rick while I'm working this week (no more going in for a couple hours a day--working the summer is a breeze), and then we'll step back into the swing of things, hoping for smooth sailing but preparing for any possible bumps in the road (had to mix metaphors, just had to).

And, of course, we'll keep trying on new looks!

Both me and Lily, as she's realized just how much fun it can be!

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farmwifetwo said...

My boy is nearly 13 and hasn't discovered girls yet.... although I expect that to change... it may not since he lives in this "all about me" world and of course that would be thinking about someone except himself, his needs and swearing at the sitter this afternoon.

Yeah, you read that correctly. There's a reason younger bro is going to their house tomorrow instead of her coming here.

Wed's coming, wed coming... and hopefully the one pro from this new computerized (and billion dollar boondoggle - the computer part... the rest is another story) health system... Thurs we'll start the new meds. Cross your fingers it slows him down like the risperdal did.

Sept 4th can't come soon enough.