Good Vibrations

Straight off the bus yesterday afternoon, two happy girls! They really like their teachers, and were happy to see familiar faces. And the no homework yesterday really kept them grinning.

Rick just walked out the door with them this morning, and it was another smooth morning, with regular breakfast choices: cereal for Rosie and yogurt for Lil. Both girls packed their lunches and made sure they had ice packs in the lunchboxes and that their book bags were ready to go.

I've spent so much time working to get them organized and relatively self-responsible that I sometimes neglect through absent-mindedness to keep my own shit together. Once again, I forgot to subtract an automatic deduction from the checking out, leaving me scrambling this morning to get the money from the other account into the one I needed (now realizing I'm short over 100 dollars I thought I had...seems to me since I routinely miss something despite all my efforts, I really need a couple hundred dollars worth of buffering in the accounts).

I'd like to say live and learn, but that would assume I actually learn from these mistakes. Well, I at least learn to have some extra money some place I can access to cover my mistakes, but for a perfectionist, it'd be easier on me if I simply were capable of that perfection.

I cut others a whole lot more slack than I cut myself. Maybe I'll work on that slack thing...well, after I make sure I quit fubaring the checking account. :)

And that's our  Tuesday morning. I could let the money scramble set the mood, bring down the day, but it's covered, and it would be stupid to let it ruin a day. Hassles happen constantly--I want my girls and my son to learn that hassles don't have to ruin everything for the day, certainly don't necessitate a Ross response (from Friends, who really let hassles run him as if they were major blows).

Besides, I get to meet brand new students today, as well as see familiar faces. How cool is that? :)

Here's to a Tuesday that may not be hassle free, but at least offers the chances to rise above them.

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