First Day Indecisions

We're all up and the kids are dressed an hour before we have to leave for our first day of school. Their bookbags are packed, mine are in the car, their lunch is made, mine's already in my freshly stocked minifridge in my office.

The kids are getting breakfast, while I've already taken all my medications, including my diabetic med, so I've already eaten--but I've only eaten a third of my normal breakfast--my nerves allowing only the yogurt to seem appetizing (usually eaten with a serving of whole grain cereal and a half cup of blueberries), so I'm going to have to be careful this morning and get those other 30 grams of carbs in within the next hour, and make myself have my snack in the middle of teaching in order to prevent low blood sugar--ah, the fun of managing diabetes.

The girls are indecisive about breakfast so Rick and I have gone down the list of normal breakfast options before I throw in ice cream and the left over cupcake. Lil opts for the cupcake before balking because it has a ring on it she already has--I point out she can take the ring off and still eat it. Rosie opts for chocolate ice cream, and at least I'll be able to say they both ate something before going to school.

I'll feel no guilt over it, either. The goal is to get some calories in their bellies before school. If they're sub-optimal nutritionally, there's the comfort of knowing they've packed nutritional lunches with all the basics covered and that their snack this afternoon and supper will be nutritionally sound.

My goal is to start mornings off with no yelling, no impatience, no one upset and if that means cupcakes and ice cream, well, why not? I understand their jitters. I get what's going on with their tummies as it's going on with mine as well. 50 new students wait for me today, and all told over 160 new students. If that doesn't put you on high alert, I don't know what will.

So, to all of my friends who are also on their first day, apparently cupcakes and chocolate ice cream make for smiling children who are ready to leave the house almost an hour ahead of their mother. :)


mjsuperfan said...

This cracks me up. Just this morning I gave one of my twins (with severe autism) several
Golden Oreos for breakfast, and hoped the paras wouldn't smell them on his breath!
He also found a grape in the mini van, so it wasn't all bad.
enjoying your blog!

K Wombles said...

Thanks! :)

It turns out that ice cream every morning makes for the smoothest, happiest, easiest mornings! Now, all I need to do is add some cake for them (or oreos?) and they'll have all the food groups covered!