Where's the Tipping Point?

At what point do you go from collector to hoarder?

I think that's a fair question, and given the abundance of objects in my house, probably a smart one to ask.

Where's the line from interesting and eclectic to deeply in need of stronger OCD meds?

You're wondering why I ask, of course. Well, that's not true: if you've seen pictures of the house, you're wondering why it took me so long to ask.

But it is a serious question. Where is the tipping point? If it's not trash, it's neatly displayed and you can walk from room to room without too much risk of tipping things over (I kid), then it's cool, right?


I know, I know, you need visual input. I get that.
Every floor should have a life size zebra head in the middle of it.

So I'll show and you tell me. I'm into animal print big time. Still no idea why. But there you go, I love it, and apparently am not through wanting to buy everything I can find in it, and just between the two of us, I'm pretty sure NO ONE really wants to see my wear the zebra leggings I bought. No one. Really. They're skin tight and something Lula from the Stephanie Plum novels would wear with a low cut blouse and a matching zebra push up bra on liberal display, and as Louise would say (do you remember Louise and Thelma and Mama H?), magnificent orbs overflowing.

Trust me, the leggings are better off staying in the closet and off of me. At least in public. The cheetah leggings kinda scared that truth into me, and listen I am not shy. You know that. You've seen the pictures, read the posts. I have taught in orange hair. In aquamarine hair. In hot pink hair and bright blue hair. So when I can admit tight animal print leggings on me are not becoming, I think we know they're really not.

It's not just the clothes, though. My bedroom looks like several animals converged on it and...I'm not even sure vomited would cover the melange of prints. I'm not saying it looks bad. Not at all; I like it. I'm saying it's eclectic. But at this point, I think I have to admit I may not have any clue at all--confirmation bias and sunk-cost fallacy may have me unable to admit that I should have stopped before the zebra head and tiger eyes print.

Here, see for yourself:

Mind you this is the FOOT of the bed.

Here's the rest:

Clearly the girls love it:

As does Mabel:

It's done--I mean what more could I possibly add, you ask? Well, that's where the tipping point comes in.

I could add cheetah eyes, but where? Maybe at the head of the bed so the cheetah and the tiger could have a continual stare-off?
Cheetah Eyes Art
And what about this, to hang in the middle of the zebra print on the headboard?

I mean, really, who defines the tipping point into too far? And would I ever even know I'd gone too far? At some point, would something in me wake up and look around and run for my life? And would I even be able to get out of the house at that point?

Beats me. Now excuse me while I go put on my leopard print pajamas.


K Wombles said...

And is the fact that those two pieces are currently in my shopping cart really that surprising?

kathleen said...

Well...I believe the tipping point is...well...we are very similar and yet so very different. Hows THAT for taking a Switzerland like stand? :0

K Wombles said...

Definitely neutral! So, that's a no, then, right? hee! Listen, one time I put these tea cup decals on the kitchen cupboards and realized right away it was a mistake and took them down, so I could once upon a time realize when too much was too much. I'm pretty sure I lost that ability a long, long time ago.

melbo said...

The way you expressed this is just hilarious. I remember another post you did about balancing out the number of things you had on a shelf or words to that effect. Even then, your trigger finger was poised, once mouse click away from buying another Buddha head or similar.

Mabel totally looks at home there in the middle of the stripes.

Very enjoyable - thanks for the laugh!

Amy Caraballo said...

Tipping point is when you actually feel bad about those cool things in your home. Otherwise I say - your home, your style. Own it! :D

K Wombles said...

Thanks, Melbo-I remember that post, too--apparently my saturation point on buddhas was three statues on the end table by my chair and the giant buddha head end table with the metal rooster on it. I mean, what do you do after that to top it?

Apparently a zebra head. :)

Thanks, Amy. I like it--but didn't realize till last night that my husband really didn't. He said no to the cheetah eyes and zebra picture. Actually, his exact word was "Stop." Fair enough. :)