Since When Did Time Fly By?

I remember, not so many years ago, when the girls were little, how time slowly dripped by, days stretched out with seconds that refused to give up the ghost and let the next second pass. Seriously, it felt like I lived in a time bubble, with nothing much changing and a feeling that there was no end in sight to sleepless nights, diapers, and babies that needed to be held and squeezed all the time.

I tried to remind myself in those years that despite its trickling of time, as if some greater being was miserly with the passing of hours, that there would come a time where I would miss how long the days were. I recognized that I should covet that time with my children, the closeness, the interdependency, the freshness of watching them move from infancy into childhood because once the time had gone, there would be no getting it back.

Welcoming Rosie.

Even though it seemed time was in no hurry, the girls and Bobby did grow and change, as all children do. Looking back, I can see that one of the reasons time stood still for so long is that so much of my time was spent working with Bobby on academics, with little progress being gained. Spend a decade on first grade work with a child and time's bound to feel as if it's stuck. Let those expectations of what must be taught go and shift to life skills and the progress speeds up, feels like jumping from impulse power to warp nine.


They change now by the day, gain new skills, ask new questions, interact with each other in increasingly complex ways, building close bonds with each other. I'm just doing my best to keep up with them and how they are blossoming, even if that means time flies by instead of creeping.


kathleen said...

Bittersweet isn't it? Although I remember those endless endless days-and nights! I think that just now I am getting back on my feet from them..but it is odd..going from being a total participant-to watching. Odd and wonderful. Beautiful pictures...even more beautiful kids!! ((((()))))

Barbara @therextras said...

This is way too philosophically & physiologically perfect, Kim! Please, please, please take this message to the mountaintops!