Camping with the Grandparents: The Doggies Rule

For a change, these aren't my photos, but Bobby's.
He spent Monday and Tuesday last week camping
 with my parents and took his camera along.

He took some photos of trailers, including my parents, 
and my dad wandering around taking care of things, 
but then he turned to the dogs and 
showered them with photographic love,
much like me taking pictures of the cats.

And then he took pictures of the lake 
and the ducks.

He got some kayaking in with Dad, with Dad turning the camera on him.

I'm apparently missing out on a good time with the camping. I wonder if I could get my parents to take me one week and leave everyone behind?


Barbara @therextras said...

LOVE camping!

Thank Bobby for sharing the photos!

Don't know your parents but I hope they do take you on a trip!

camper trailers brisbane said...

Wow! You have such lovely dogs. I am very thankful that you shared this page. Enjoy camping!