Obsession 2.0: You can never have enough books

Saturday, the girls and I took our money and went to the annual library book sale, where we were able to get 54 books for awesome price of $45.45. Here the girls (and cats) are arranging them.

Jack and Dan definitely approve.

Sunday, the boy and I went back to the sale since it was $6 a bag. We had spent Saturday evening collecting all the loose change in the house and were able to get 8 bags. We had a great time--Bobby filled three bags with cookbooks and science fiction for himself. I loaded up on a lot of history, sociology, and hospice-related texts, as well as some classics and cool-looking new fiction authors. When Lil, Rose and I were through laying those books out in batches and counting, we tallied 184 books, so between the two days, we managed to find 238 very cool books.

Jack amidst the books.

 Rick in awe--let's call it that, ok?
 First two bags.

Rosie surveying the goods.
Needless to say, there are still piles of books.
It's going to take awhile to organize and put them in the appropriate bookcases.
 And just because it's geek heaven, exploding Tardises.
And Daleks...
And some Sheldon!

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