Growing Up on Me

 Bobby is losing his boyish look.
 The girlies are getting lovelier by the day.
And Lily keeps growing TALLER by the minute.
 A proud dad and his girls.
She's nearly there; soon she'll be looking down at me. 


farmwifetwo said...

The youngest's teacher sends home a poster of different pics of them during the year and their stats.

Youngest was 150cm and 100lbs in Sept. Ped said he was obese, my Dr said "He's 9 and hitting another growth spurt".

In June at 10.5yrs of age, he's 155cm and 91 lbs. Guess which Dr was right??

So he grew 2" and lost 9lbs and is now just over 5ft tall... he'll be looking me in the eye shortly. Not ready for it.

Jean said...

It also seems in my destiny to spend my life gazing upwards at everyone in my family. My youngest 2 are still works in progress, but they're growing like weeds!
Yours kids are beautiful, but I'm guessing you don't need to be told that XXX