Failing Tech...Oh Noes

This is the year of dying technology. We've lost so many computers this year that I'm losing track. Three laptops are in the process of dying, and now one of our last two desktops is dying. Go figure. Part of it is the heavy usage, no doubt, but this house feels like the place where electronics and appliances go to die.

Rick's frustrated and hurriedly trying to back up the disk on the desktop, but it's being stubborn. Our last desktop's hard drive is cabled to this one, and I have to wonder if that contributed to the failure. It's not that old of a computer--three or four years.

Either the way we use tech has changed drastically or things don't last as long. We just got rid of a ten year old Dell last year that still worked but was slow as hell. Now, we can't get laptops to last past 30 months and desk tops to last past four years. It's expensive as hell.

I don't know about other people, but I get attached to my tech, get fond of it. After all, it's with me through so much--it takes my cursing and talking back to it day after day without complaint. I still miss the desk top that died a few months ago. Sure, I've got the hard drive and can access all the files, but that desk top was a gift from my dad when I was in grad school--it got me through statistics. It had a flat screen and saved me from countless migraines. It was mine. And it's gone.

My itty bitty laptop is so sluggish I've quit using it, not even taking it to the college to use in the classroom. It's just a matter of time before it will no longer boot up. It's itty bitty (yes, I name them), and I will miss it, too. Do miss it--miss its portability, its cuteness, its blueness. Now the only purpose it serves is to make my husband curse when he tries to start it up.

My other laptop works if you don't need USB drives. So, it doesn't get a lot of action anymore. It's slow, sluggish and pissy.

The one I use has two keys missing, the period key and a weird key that I didn't know what it did till it was missing (it's an alt/crtl combo). It runs slow, likes to have lots of fits and is stained with finger nail polish and ink, but it's my baby, and even though I know these pieces of tech would be best served by being dropped off at a recycling center, I hate to let things go. They are my versions of the Velveteen rabbit.

Plus, I don't have the money to replace any of it right now, so they're all going to have to limp along as best they all can, and I am, too.

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