Counting Pennies: Where's the Money Tree When You Want It?

People who've been reading me for a couple years might remember that every June here is our local library book sale where I go batshit crazy at the bag sale (six bucks a paper bag) and see how many hundreds of  books I can bring home that I really don't have the room for.


2010's take


2011's take (and, oh, how I miss you Frankie!)

Tomorrow is the book sale. And I'm broke and a week away from payday. Can you believe that? How can I have let that happen? Why would I let that happen?

Sigh. Truthfully, I don't need to go to that sale. If you've seen pictures of the house, been in the house, you know it's only a matter of time till the floor falls three feet to the ground from the combined weight of what was at last count, fifteen thousand books.

But I want to go to that sale with a hunger that's greater than my hunger for chocolate cake (and I just ate a delicious piece of red velvet cake). Oh so badly. The thought of what I might be missing at that sale, what gems I could bring home...well, let's just say I'm salivating.

Sigh. Some obsessions are so hard to fight. So very hard. My living room floor needs to be filled with inexpensive and lovely new worlds to sink into. I wonder if I really count my pennies? Hmmmmm, maybe.


melbo said...

Surely you've earned a couple of hole punches on your Frequent Shopper Card for this one? No?

There's always busking.

Love the pics - nice memories of Frankie there. I could make a gratuitous joke about cats, libraries and books but I won't. This is a family blog.

I'll PM you instead.

farmwifetwo said...

Take the books that they have outgrown to the UBS along with those you know you'll never read again... don't have to empty the shelves, just take a few... make certain they are pb's b/c they don't like h/c's.

Collect a few dollars for them and go spend again.

Kim Wombles said...

Surely should have! Dad's helped me out, so we're off to see what gems we can find.

I love how the cats always check out the offerings and will miss not seeing Frankie surveying it, but I'm sure Jack and Dan will stand in for him.