When Tornadoes Appear to Have Gone Off in Your Children's Rooms

I'm sure this is common. Gods, I hope it is: Kids making disaster areas of their rooms. Every couple months I get the courage to go back and look at my kids' rooms. I don't know why I bother, but it eventually starts to occur to me that my husband might not have the same concept of clean rooms that I do, and he's the one that tucks them in at night and gets them up. If there was a problem, he'd say something or make them take care of it, right?

For some reason, even after nearly a quarter decade spent with the man, I keep forgetting fundamental lessons: cleanliness is defined very differently by the both of us. It shouldn't be. We were both in the military, after all. At any rate, I decided this weekend I needed to tackle the girls' closets and get rid of the clothes they'd outgrown. I'm still working on it; it took cleaning their rooms and bagging stuff up to reach their closets.

What is it about kids that they can take a spotless room and make it look like a tornado hit in less than five minutes? I was emailing Kathleen last night "that child collects trash. Literally, she collects trash. three bags full of trash. good gods amighty. I've warned her and mean it--if I ever have to do her room again, anything on the floor gets thrown away and that will be the end of any toy buying for her ever. I've spent my entire day damned in her room." Kathleen instantly picked up on a key word reversal that was absolutely unintentional but oh so apropos. And it truly feels a bit like that--especially after today spent in Rosie's room. The same conversations occur, over and over. It's exhausting. I feel like I've spent most my adult life repeating myself. Because I have. As a teacher and a parent, I get to hear myself repeat common sense guidelines ad nauseum. It's a wonder I'm not always heavily drugged. I can't help but think that medical marijuana could fit in here somewhere...in brownies, of course... I kid,  but remember back to the seventies when they gave adults valium like it was candy and a generation of parents wandered around mellow...and kids roamed free.

I can tell you this, for sure: if I had done to my room what my kids routinely do to theirs, it would have only happened once for me, and then my parents would have fixed it so it couldn't happen again.

Not a bad idea, and one I really mean. The girls are old enough to be responsible for their actions, and I'm not losing another weekend to cleaning up their stuff. I'll just go through with a trash bag and Goodwill will be happy to see me coming.


Eric said...

sartre should have changed the title from "The room" to "My child's room".
Anyway you have it all wrong, it's not that their room is a mess, you merely find yourself and your room in the eye of the hurricane. Forces of nature and all that. Silly you.

farmwifetwo said...

My kids probably have the least amount of stuff of any kid out there.... Seriously. The majority of the toys that I tossed out of the box... McD's (and little people's - but they're still in the box).

I hate clutter and I don't buy stuff outside of Xmas and birthdays - except McD's :)

We are getting a bigger book collection all the time.

Joeymom said...

The kids take after me.

Hence, we look like a tornado hit a war zone in every room in the house.

Oh, dear.

K Wombles said...

Eric, silly me indeed! :)

fw2, yeah--I'll be the first to admit my kids have way too much stuff.

Joeymom, :) hee, then it's no problem!

melbo said...

I was just saying to someone the other day that I was sick of the sound of my own voice - asking, endlessly asking, repeating the same phrases over and over.

It's paper round here - so much paper. If I don't go through it all every week, it becomes unmanageable. I know the daycare etc. like to send all the artwork home but they don't seem to realise I am not allowed to throw any of it out.

I hope their room stays clean for at least a little while. I've lost weekends like that too.

Jean said...

Close their room doors...forever! XXX