Well...sometimes stopping midway is good, too

So I was set to go purple.
Product view
But first I had to deal with the black hair.
So I used two bleach kits.
Well, this ought to be interesting...

Did I mention the scalp burning?

After an hour and a half of messing with it,
I decided this interesting "strawberry blonde"
can stick around for awhile.
Splat Hair Color Complete Kit, Luscious Raspberries
Maybe instead of purple, I'll do this one.
After all, it is sitting on the shelf 
in my bathroom and it'll be
easier to go purple over the red
versus the other way.

Why, you ask?
Why not? 


Lindsay said...

The purple looks like it will be lovely. I've always adored bright, zany hair colors like blue, green etc., but have never had them myself because I have dark hair and don't want to bleach it. So for me the only available change-up is to go darker - I have reddish-brown hair, which I have dyed black several times and a deep, dark red once.

K Wombles said...

I love deep, dark red and burgundy. I did purple in January with black, and it was subtle unless I was under fluorescents and then it was woah! :)

I stopped this time after the bleaching since I liked that color. Debating on how long to let it be this shade of "strawberry blonde" before moving on...and should I step it--go raspberry pink for awhile, then the raspberry red, then go purple, and hey, throw in blue at the end of that?