My Day...People, It is MY DAY!

The girls are in their last (abbreviated, the heartless bastards--the school, not the girls, of course!) week of school. I am "off"---hahaha, like that's really true--I'm running an online maymester course (why students want to read a 700 page book in two weeks and be tested on it, I have no idea, but as long as they want to do it, I'll facilitate).

Anyway, faced with a summer of girlies at home while I teach a face-to-face class each summer session, I was really, really, really, really (you get how forward I was looking to it, right?) looking forward to yesterday and today, my last two days to be home alone. Yeah, right. Yesterday, I left the house before 8:30 and got home after 2 in the afternoon. So much for relaxing at home.

So today? I ain't going nowhere (okay, technically not true--I have to pick up the boy this afternoon). It's my day. My day to do as I wish.

Oh my. So, first I caught up on facebook. Then I wrote an article at Science 2.0, reviewing a really great book, so go read that review! And now, you ask? What am I doing now, besides writing this? Sitting here with bleach in my dyed-black hair so that I can hahahahahaha make it purple. Sure. That's going to work out well. Did I tell you it took exactly five minutes for me to empty two bleaching bottles onto my hair and rub it in? That's right! I rubbed it in. I didn't carefully section my hair. I didn't ask a friend to come spend three exhausting hours brushing it in. I did a me and splatted that stuff all over my hair. Have I mentioned the burning sensation? No? Oh, well never mind, I'm sure it's nothing..

I only have forty more minutes of the burning to endure. I'm sure it will be fine. No biggie, right? Right?

The directions say that if I want an intense purple, my hair needs to be a light blond. okay....Ummmmmm...how many times you think I'll need to apply the bleaching solution to hair that was dyed black to get it that light? And do you think I'll have any hair left?

So, I'm betting I'm gonna end up with this funky orange, mottled color when I wash the bleach out, don't you think? If I strategically splat the purple around the orange, maybe I can look like a clown when I'm done?

Yeah, that's right. That's how I'm spending my ONE single solitary day alone in the house. Wrapped in a towel, with a towel wrapped around my burning, stinging head. And then I'm going to go make the sink, the shower, and probably most of the back of me PURPLE. Damn skippy.


Jean said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend your me-time. I like purple, but gotta say orange is my favourite so it's a win-win XXX

farmwifetwo said...

Well.... did you take pictures?

K Wombles said...

Jean, I held off on the purple, so you should like the color--it's blonde/orange/pink. I figure to leave it this way a few days before adding color to it.

fw2. I did-will post in a new piece. :)