In All Seriousness, Take Two

Yesterday, I owned up to one of my issues.
My need for symmetry and balance.
My slightly (ever so) obsessive need to 
maintain that symmetry...

Fortunately, my mom and my Danny-boy talked me down
from the need for four more potted peonies and another
gerbera daisy.

Danny-boy did it his normal way of eating
the silk plants and knocking them over.

He even stopped a minute, and although I didn't catch it,
swear to God, he chewed on Mary's head as he went by her!

My mother gave me a stern look when I told her about the peonies
and we both agreed I should find other places for them to sit 
and do so quickly
So I did.

Daisy where only one is needed.

The last two peonies placed symmetrically.
I'm going to ignore that the chicken is on its own.
Swear. Really. I'm not going to order another one.


melbo said...

You're right you know - where will it all end?

I have a similar issue you know when I have to somehow arrange objects within a defined space. Could be drawing, painting, arranging stuff for gluing. I will do and redo it for ages and still not be satisfied.

Perfectionism is a curse!

Attila the Mom said...

LOL Love the pics!

K Wombles said...

Melbo, it just doesn't ever end! I have to just shrug my shoulders at Rick when another box comes in the mail and he looks at me with a what the hell look. Honestly, I'm just along for the ride here. He absolutely said no to another chicken, but really, like my brain will care in the wee hours of the morning when my self control is at its weakest? :)

Attila, thanks! :)