Sleepless in Abilene

Abilene's not nearly as pretty as Seattle, or so I hear, and there's no sappy, sure-to-make-you-cry romance involved, either. Nonetheless, we had a hard time sleeping here--Rosie's been up for who knows how long, reading a chapter book. I started tossing and turning at three something and said the hell with it at four. Rick gave up at five. I guess the only two who slept with ease till a few minutes ago was Lily and Bobby. Ah, to sleep uninterrupted must be bliss. The boy deserves it, though--more than a decade of his life was spent being unable to sleep regularly, so I don't begrudge that. Lil's fought wondering in a sleep-walking state and still has a hard time falling asleep.

There's just not enough coffee to make me energetic and peppy today. I'll do my damnedest to see if I can't prove that wrong, of course. After all, who wants a sleepy teacher at eight in the morning? I'm going to be dreaming of a nap, though, even if it never comes.

Here's to a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Thursday for the rest of you!

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farmwifetwo said...

I had a 12yr old crawl out of bed at 9:30 last night (they go to bed at 9) and throw a really big hiss. Why?? Simply to pick a fight over.... wait for it.... soy milk boxes, the kind for the lunches. I haven't bought them in.... forever might be close and he informed me it would be the first thing I did this morning in a louder and louder volume.

He was returned without his Mother feeling the least bit sorry for him... no I am not buying them... b/c she's sick and tired of this crap of late... to bed. Had to give him a melatonin at 10:30 and took one myself. This morning he's pissed b/c there's no waffles.

Woke up just before 5 to something wrong with their fan and turned it off. Heard the youngest go play on the computer shortly after 5 - and I pretended he wasn't on You Tube. Surprising... I actually fell back asleep until 7.

Ironically, that's one of the better sleeps I've had in a week. I'm seriously considering seeing the herbalist. She's recommended by both the neighbor and the neighbor's physician.