April: A Month of Celebrating Beauty in Diversity

I've weighed in about as much as I care to on the Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month as I care to. Over at the directory, we're running a post a day Monday through Friday the entire month from autistic bloggers and parent bloggers. Is there a theme to their opinions on this month? Probably not--we're not looking for a particular angle--just looking to offer as many perspectives as possible.

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I believe in working with what you've got in your local community as you try to bring about the change you want. I believe in involving my students in opportunities to be of service to the community, especially when it comes to events that  benefit the disabled. We'll be at the local autism walk on the 14th volunteering, setting up everything, helping to man the booths and being of help wherever we're needed, and then tearing it down. On the 21st, we'll be at an all-day golf tournament fundraising for autism, too. We're gonna do what we can to be of help here.

I've gone blue just like I went pink in October--a visible sign to students and the community and large that something's up. My son, despite his intense aversion to identifying himself as autistic--he's Bobby, that's all (and indeed he is--labels are never as inclusive of who a person is as being ourselves)--wears a hat and pin that are Autism Speaks merchandise. He knows all the details, all the criticisms, and there are things that drive him crazy--the whole "more cases of autism than juvenile diabetes, AIDS and cancer each year" really gets him going and telling whoever's near him how much he hates that because autism is nothing like those things. But he wears them because the people here, the president of AS who he met last year, treat him like an equal, see him as an equal, and like him and appreciate him, and that in his book, is good enough.

So we're going to celebrate diversity at the directory, asking for bloggers to offer their posts on their thoughts about the month, whatever those thoughts are. There's enough room for all of us, after all, and we're all equals.

And I'm going to offer photos and thoughts here about my awesome kids, my cats, and my garden because I'm in a drama free zone this month. This month I'm celebrating spring, friends, cats, and loved ones.


farmwifetwo said...

TPGTA had another "I'm pretty much normal, have a real job and everything" post.

I guess autism and disability don't exist in their world.

And then they and ASAN wonder why I don't respect them nor their "autism is a way of being" tag line.

Which is all I'm going to say on that since I'm really tired of the hijacking by the "we need to join a cutsie club" group.

I too deal with things local and push the "realities" of autism local. The truth is more important that feel good stories.

Where's that email I sent you.....

Lori said...

I love the blue hair!

Thank you for celebrating diversity, including diversity of viewpoints. How bleak the world would be is only certain opinions were sanctioned.