What Cats Think of Pointless Drama

 really, nothing better to do?
I'll pass.
 Drama? Where?
Is it up there? After all, this is where the dirty
laundry is!
Chillin where the drama can't reach me!
Oops, where'd the drama go?
This right here is necessary drama, people!
You can look all over and find lots of ways
to spend your time unproductively
you can find the good and hold onto it,
spend your time in the company of people 
who accept you and appreciate you.
I think I know what we choose.


melbo said...

Drama is non-existent while there exists a clothes basket with something soft in it.

Sally said...

My cats start drama all the time! The older one growls and hisses at the baby and provokes her into a fight. So much drama!