Oh---Heavens No: Freeze Drying Your Pets or...spouses?

It's been a hard five weeks--honestly, it's been a hard nine months--so many losses of pets, of friends, of patients I came to care for, but here's the thing, as much as I miss my Frankie and Ib, I would and could absolutely NEVER do this: "Freeze-Dried Pets Comfort Grieving Owners."

The pictures of the freeze-dried animals are very life-like, and it's something to see the owner of the business recommend that people opt for the "closed-eyed, sleep pose." Yeah, cuz, putting Frankie in an attack position with his tail straight up and his eyes open and mouth open in a hiss would have been a real hoot. Okay, see, maybe that...heck, instead of his ashes, I could have just put him on the fridge and hollered at the other cats when they knocked his freeze-dried body off. Can't be any worse than Little Dude breaking my resin chicken's foot off, right?

Oh hell to the no, to borrow from Madea. Yeah, I'm the first to go to dark humor, but this isn't healthy. Staring at your dead pet's body to derive comfort? Not healthy. What's next? Freeze drying our dearly departed spouses? Hey, husbands who don't do any more dead than they did alive? Just stick the remote in one hand and a beer in the other and put him in his recliner, and put the pooch at his feet. You'll never be alone!


kathleen said...

Ha! Omar has always told me he would have me stuffed...which sounds better than freeze drying-but not much. :0

melbo said...

Now if I'd only known about this when Pusster died, I might have arranged to have him posed in a dinner jacket with martini in hand.

Freeze dried spouse also comes in handy when you're short of drying space in winter. Set and forget.

farmwifetwo said...

Why would I want him in the house??

Then again I could set him up in the cemetary like a scarecrow. You wouldn't be able to see him from the road but I could wave at him from the house...

K Wombles said...

Kathleen, hee, nope, not much better!

melbo, :) hah, do you remember the 101 uses books in the 80s? We could do one on freeze-dried spouses.

fw2, creative thinking! :)