Marching On

It's been a week since we let Frankie go. I find it comforting to look at his pictures, to reach out and touch the screen. When we lost Ibit and Cookie last summer, I found it painful to see pictures of them, but this time, I find it a relief to be able to see Frankie, looking so immediate and touchable, as if he's not really gone, just slightly out of my reach. Perhaps it's a comfort because it is so painful to be without him, my constant companion.

While it's hurt to have him gone, it's not been a week without joys. Saturday, Mom took Rosie and me out to the shelter to find a new cat, and we came home with two! They are charming nine month old brothers who remind me of Frankie and ease the sadness. Rosie named them Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson, and the names have stuck with no changes (unusual for us).

The other cats, perhaps sensing Frankie's absence and my sorrow, have stepped in for him, too. Lucy has taken to sleeping on my chest at night and spending more time in my lap. Mabel continues her pattern of nearness to me without quite being intrusive. Her golden eyes watch me, keep pace with my movements as she sits regally, silent and unmoving, only her eyes shifting. Aphrodite has made sure to give my feet an extra bite, to let me know she cares. She butts her head against mine and climbs all over me. I am entwined with cats who show their care.  Either that or they're hungry. One can never be certain. Perhaps it is only that they want dibs on Frankie's portion?

 Aphrodite showing her love.
 Daniel showing his contentment.
 Daniel and Dude.
 A lapful of love.
Lucy keeping watch.
Daniel meeting Mabel.

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