Looking Back Never Hurts

Lily found our wedding dvd the other day, and we sat down and watched the fading, crackling dvd capture of the vhs tape. By the time we converted the video to dvd, the tape was over 15 years old and showing its age, but it's still fun to see Rick and me so young, and we laughed along with the giggle fit I had during the vows. We're working now to get it onto the computer and converted and trimmed, but we're not having the best of luck. 

We pulled out our wedding photos, too, to show the girls, who didn't remember seeing them before. It was odd to realize that Bobby is two years older than I am in the photos below, that I am now older than my mother was when I got married, that Rick is the same age as Dad was. We'll celebrate 24 years this year, and it's comforting to look back at us as we began and see that while we certainly wear our years, we're still laughing and full of life and joy. And occasionally still shoving cake in each other's faces, too, of course. 

Dec 24, 1988

 Early 1990; I can see Bobby in my face.
The continuity is comforting.

Rick and Bobby.

Looking back never hurts, especially to see just how far we've come and what we've brought with us.

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usethebrainsgodgiveyou said...

Y'all are so cute! Hope you are feeling better...Rose