F*%king Mondays: Always Out For You

What did I expect? I had to wear a tee with this saying:

Have a Nice Day. SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Setting myself up, right?

Our oven died this weekend--bottom heating element managed to have a half-inch portion just disintegrate. $80 for a new heating element for a nine-year-old stove or $320 for a new one.

Migraine at midday, but at least the meds worked.

Paperwork snafu leading to trip in to the business to fill it out again.

Frustrating principle question and having to do something I disagreed with...grrrrrr.

Lost part of a filling--flooding me with immediate anxiety over the tooth and the dentist trip in my future.

Toilet overflowed all over the floor...sigh


I'm going to bed. Somedays we just have to make Mondays go away fast.

That nice day happened someplace else after all.


farmwifetwo said...

t'ain't Murphy's law grand?? :)

Bed sounds wonderful... tell my kids to fall asleep faster...

Eric said...

Solar storms dying licks?
This is why here the first day of the week is a sunday, to avoid monday problems!

Take care.

K Wombles said...

fw2, yeah--kicks us in the arse everytime we're not expecting it

Eric, that's a good idea. thanks--take care of yourself, too. Thinking of you.