Bitch, Rant, and Moan (and writing with a migraine)

In this first week back to work (I taught online the entire break, so it wasn't a complete break), I have had to adjust to getting back out into the world at what I will always consider an ungodly hour. I have had to adjust to waking to a mother-fricking alarm again as I was finally able to sleep later after all those years of being conditioned as an Army wife (and mom of school-aged kids) to getting up at 5:30 without any need for an alarm. I hate alarms with a passion now. Loud, annoying sons-of-bitches. Hey, at least I didn't awaken this morning like Rick did to a voice repeating over and over: "Get dressed. Feed the cats. Get ready for work." Apparently, it was rather startling; Bobby had programmed his phone (which he left out in the living room) to use his recorded voice as his alarm clock. Ingenious, really, and impressive. Yay, Bobby! On the other hand, dude, how's it going to work for you if you don't take the phone to your room?

Onto more ranting.

I've had to adjust to make-up again and setting aside my beloved snarky tees for more appropriate clothing (yes, my snark lives on in often inappropriate teeshirts).  I like my tees. I don't care if they make me look like a short, squat linebacker, either. The purple hair is distracting from my solidity, right? Now, here's what's weird. I've grudgingly worn makeup for years, but rarely lipstick because I had never mastered getting it on correctly. I can, now, though. Yay, skill-building in my forties. That's kinda weird, but not what I was meaning: now I feel naked and incomplete when I put makeup on and DON'T put lipstick on, too. What the frak?

Okay, so it's Thursday of my first week back. I'm handling it, hee, as gracefully as I can, which pretty much means I spend some time growling low in my throat as my body protests everything, every extra movement (especially the chasing of Frankie around the house to give him meds twice a day). I still have a freaking cold. Yeah, that's right. I ended the fall semester sick, and I'm starting the spring semester sick. Stupid, freaking bacteria and viruses.

I couldn't even really explain why I'm so out of sorts. I want to go back to work. I miss being in the classroom, where I have energy and am happy. So maybe part of it is that I'm ready but still have to wait until next Wednesday to see students. Come on, Wednesday!

*Mood no doubt influenced by migraine.


Lizbeth said...

I hate this time of year. Loathe it. Despise it. Add the snow we just got last night and I'm beyond over it. And to have a migraine on top of it?!? I think I'd crawl into a hole...you are handling things much better than me.

Hope that migraine goes away soon.

Anonymous said...

I can SO relate - formerly a migraine sufferer, currently a cold sufferer but happily a recovered make-up applier.


Attila the Mom said...

Hang in there, Girl!

K Wombles said...

Thanks, ladies.

Hope the snow doesn't stick around, Lizbeth.

Attila, how are things with you?