Sick Kitty

It never ceases to amaze me at how fiercely and completely we can love our pets. Nor the depth of fear that chokes us when one of them is sick and we are faced with potential decisions of life and death. 26 years ago I lost my cat Lincoln to a bad urinary tract infection. Lincoln looked almost identical to Frankie, and I loved him terribly. I was devastated when I lost Lincoln my senior year in high school, enough to check out from school, writing death in the family as the reason. Eight years ago, we lost Shadow for similar reasons.

We caught it early with Frankie. He's at the vet, getting cathed and they'll figure out how bad it is, what they can do. And I will try not to hyperventilate over the next 24 hours.

I love all my cats, but there's a special place in my heart for Frankie. He sleeps on my chest; he reminds me of both Lincoln and Shadow, and after all the losses this year of three other beloved animals, I'm not ready, so he better be okay. It better be fixable.


Oh, and on a side note, taking a cat to the vet is actually more panic inducing in me than getting on a plane. Good to know.


bub said...

Being a retired veterinary nurse who has saved several "blocked" male cats personally [with a catheter]; I would get in the habit of watching his litter box habits and/or learning to palpate his abdomen to see if is bladder is very full and hard. Does he spend much time in the litter box? Does he yowl when urinating? Has he started urinating in alternative places [he may associate the litter box with pain]?. Being a studious person, I bet you have read-up on the condition or have changed his diet to a special diet? If you have questions I know you will ask your vet, but know I am here too. Male cats [especially orange cats] are often very mellow and sweet so I wish you both well.


melbo said...

I'm sorry - I hope he can be helped and I know just how you feel. I really do and I wouldn't say that if it weren't true.

My cat was like a child to me and even though his illness prepared me for the end in some ways it was still hard. I think I only got through it because I found out the day after he died that I was pregnant.

These little guys are really part of the family. I hope you can get some help for Frankie and buy a bit more time with him.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so hope that he is okay. One of my kitties has been making a lot of noise when using the litter box but the vet said his bladder wasn't hard or anything. I'm taking him in a couple of weeks and may ask for a more thorough exam.

Kim Wombles said...

Frankie is home and on antibiotics and prescription cat food instead of the store bought. He's feeling better, thankfully. I hope your kitty will be okay.